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Unlike other major registrars such as Network solutions and Register.com who charge $35 or more per year, we offer 1 year registrations for only $15 (.com .net .org) and also have options to lock in your domain savings for two, five or even ten years!

  .US .BIZ .INFO now available for live registration! International support with .nu .net .ws .cc .ca .co.uk .nl .fr .at .be .de .dk .it .ch .nu .md .tv etc.

  Register your own country domain at the same time as the .com!

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$34.99 $35.00 $15.00

. Domain Name Registration provides the same registration service at a significant savings.  We have a policy of fair and honest pricing and have not increased yearly charges in over 9 years!  If you find a less expensive domain price with another provider, check to ensure they don't partake in bait and switch pricing.  For example, Yahoo recently offered domains at a loss to gain customers only to change pricing on renewal with a 500% increase!  The result was many customers were charged the higher rate before renewal.

Transfer and Save: 

For your existing domains choose our transfer option to change registrars and pay only $15 per year!  Transfer at any time, a full year will be added to the current expiry date of your domain so there is no need to wait until you are close to expiry.  There are no additional fees, you get the same service, another full year and save $20 on each domain you own every year.  Use our bulk transfer option to move multiple domains at once and watch your savings grow!

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Looking for more great domain ideas?  Check out the expired domains to see domains that were once registered and now available for you to register. Understand your rights through the ICANN Registrar Responsibilities and Educational Information.

NEW: We now offer multilingual / international domain name registrations!